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‘Micro Influencers’ for

the Halal Industry

Why Should I Join The Network?

Here is your opportunity to become an integral part of communicating within our Muslim community. With the digital era in full effect with social media, it is our challenge to stimulate the current and next generation of muslims to continue to consume Halal. This can only be made possible with a strong network of influencers.

Why Micro Influencers?

We are looking for individuals who can make a difference within their communities. We have found that those who stay close within their roots have greater engagement on their social platforms.

If you have over 4000+ Followers and feel like you deliver messages positively to your community, apply now!

What Are The Perks?

This comes down to each individual project. The incentives can include:

  • Financial rewards

  • Exclusive Invitations

  • Restaurant/Cafe Openings

  • Complimentary Dining

  • Gifts

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